Family Heirloom Bedroom Furniture Restored 

This client hired another company and they did a horrible job.

 They were not professional refinishers. Surfaces Rx restored the furniture following refinishing best practices. We stripped off the old finish, sanded out the swirls and scratches from the other refinishers, repaired damaged veneer, restrained, sealed and sprayed two coats of Mohawk Matte 20 Lacquer finishing. 

Nightstand Before Surfaces Rx Refinishing
Before Refinishing
Before Sanding
Top Before Sanding
After Sanding
Top After Sanding
Ready For Staining
After Staining
Spraying Finish
Top After Refinishing
After Refinishing

Family Hierloom Nightstand before Surfaces Rx Refinishing

Before Refinishing

If you look closely you can see swirls, drips, and cross-grain scratches

During Refinishing by Surfaces Rx After Sanding

After Sanding

Surfaces Rx removed the old finish by hand-sanding the nightstand. And you can see the grain coming out and both the swirls and scraches fade away.

Ready for Staining by Surfaces Rx

Ready for Stain

After the sanding the piece is masked and taped for staining and sealing,

After Staining by Surfaces Rx sprays on the finish

Spraying Top Coat After Staining and Sealing

After the staining, the piece is sprayed with a durable top coat finish.

After Final Top Coar by Surfaces Rx

After Final Top Coat

The piece is sprayed with a durable top coat finish, allowed to dry, then is scuff-sanded, and then last top coat of top coat is applied.

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Original Finish

After First Attempted Refinishing

Botched Finishing by Non-Professionals

Sanding Chest of Drawers

Staining the Chest of Drawers

Finishing Side of the Chest

Finishing Top of the Chest 

After Surfaces Rx Refinishing


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