7 Panel Front Door Refinishing – Claremont East Dallas 

Before Surfaces Rx Refinishing

After Surfaces Rx Refinishing

Exterior Door After Surfaces Rx-Refinishing Dallas TX

After Surfaces Rx Refinishing

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Lower 3-Panels Before Refinishing

Lower 3-Panels After Refinishing

Owner of this single family home in Dallas, TX, is updating and wants the front door refinished. The stain will be a dark brown that emphasizes the contrast with the beautiful exterior brick surround. Door is a standard 8 X 3 foot door; however, this door has beautiful intricacy within the panels that must be sanded carefully. These are a few pictures that highlight the sanding process.

Before New Unfinished French Doors
Before Front French Doors Finishing
Protecting Work Area
After Surfaces Rx Door Finishing
Before & After
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Front Door Final Sanding before Topcoat Highland Park Texas


Mark is one of the owners of Surfaces Rx and is driven by a passion and love of wood. His favorite saying is "We Make Wood Look Good


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