7 Panel Front Door Refinishing – Claremont East Dallas

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Before Surfaces Rx Refinishing

After Surfaces Rx Refinishing

Exterior Door After Surfaces Rx-Refinishing Dallas TX

After Surfaces Rx Refinishing

Lower 3-Panels Before Refinishing

Lower 3-Panels After Refinishing

Owner of this single family home in Dallas, TX, is updating and wants the front door refinished. The stain will be a dark brown that emphasizes the contrast with the beautiful exterior brick surround. Door is a standard 8 X 3 foot door; however, this door has beautiful intricacy within the panels that must be sanded carefully. These are a few pictures that highlight the sanding process.

Surfaces Rx Door Refinishing
Front Door Final Sanding before Topcoat Highland Park Texas
Lower Left Door After Final Surfaces Rx Refinishing
We Make Wood Look Good
Before New Doors
Before New Unfinished French Doors
Before Finishing
Before Front French Doors Finishing
Preparing Work Area
Protecting Work Area
Protecting Work Area
Taping Windows
Highland Park Entryway French Doors Ready to Sand
Upper Panels
Bottom Panels
French Doors
Zoom 2
After New Doors
After Surfaces Rx Door Finishing
After and Before
Before & After
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Front Door Final Sanding before Topcoat Highland Park Texas
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