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Front Door Refinishing Service

Has your front door has lost its beauty and is beginning to look a bit dull and dated? Or do you want change the color of your front wood door? Then its time for Surfaces Rx to enhance the appearance of your home by refinishing your front door. 

Surfaces Rx's door refinishing process will give your front door a fresh look and increases it's durability to the weather and sun. Surfaces Rx's qualified wood refinishing pros will give you the best looking door in the neighborhood.

Our multi-step door refining process removes the door's hardware, repairs minor damages, sands the surface, applies the new stain, sprays 2 coats of exterior spar urethane finish with light sanding between topcoats. The final step is to replace the hardware and clean-up the job site. Call (877) 707-7606 to schedule your door refinishing project today!  

Single Door Refinishing (6'8" - 8' doors - No Panels)
Exterior Side  $495  Completed in 3 - 4 hours
Interior Side   $595 - Completed in 4 - 6 hours
Both Sides     $895 - Completed in 6 - 8 hours

Double Door Pricing (6'8" - 8' doors - No Panels)
Exterior Side  $895   Completed in 5 - 6 hours
Interior Side   $995   - Completed in 6 - 8 hours
Both Sides     $1595 - Completed in 10 - 14 hours

Additional Cost
Additional Coats of Urethane
$195 each
Replace Old Weather Stripping
Sidelites and Transoms
$250 each
Prices vary for oversize doors, number of door panels, stiles, rail sidelites, & transoms.

Front Exterior Door Components for Refinishing

Front Exterior Door Components

7 Panel Front Door Refinishing – Claremont East Dallas

Before Surfaces Rx Refinishing After Surfaces Rx Refinishing After Surfaces Rx Refinishing

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Highland Park Entry Way After Final Refinishing

Book Your Surfaces Rx Door Refinishing Project Today

Call (877) 707-7606 to schedule your Dallas Door Refinishing Onsite Service Call.
Hours Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm.
Morning and Afternoon appointments available  

Surfaces Rx - Our Professional Door Refinishing Process

How We Make Your Wood Look Good

  1. Prepare the doorway for refinishing. If required the door is removed from its hinges and plastic is put in its place
  2. Tape or remove all the hardware on the door (hinges, locks, and doorknobs)
  3. Repair any minor damages, dents or scratches
  4. Sand the door and prepare it for your color of the stain.
  5. Professionally apply the stain for a uniform color
  6.  Spray the first coat of exterior spar urethane
  7. Sand and then apply the final coat of exterior spar urethane 
    For maximum protection from the sun and weather we recommend 2 additional coats 
  8. The door and hardware are re-installed
  9. Enjoy your Newly Refinished Wood Door

Preparing Interior Area

Lower Left Door Before Surfaces Rx RefinishingLower Left Door After Final Surfaces Rx Refinishing
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