Creatively Redesigned Furniture is beautiful. Surfaces Rx reincarnates antiques and family heirlooms transforming them into unique one-of-a-kind collectables. Let Surfaces Rx redesign your furniture. If you have pieces that are out of style or damaged and they carry sentimental value, It makes sense to repurpose those older pieces of furniture as they are far better constructed than most new furniture on the market today. We can match any piece of furniture to your inspiration, a room's theme, or another piece of furniture.  

Call (972) 850-5055 or fill out the form below for a Free Estimate for Furniture Redesign, Refinishing and/or Custom Hand-Painting. Don't wait. and we will contact you with details and a custom quote and when we can get you on our schedule. Don't wait, we get booked up quick and we want to make sure we have your piece done in time!

Our Latest Redesigned Furniture

What is the difference between repairing, refinishing, and a furniture makeover?Furniture Makeovers

Surfaces Rx transformed this old dated solid cherry wood drop-leap table into

Surfaces Rx transformed this old dated solid wood console table in a

The Grand Style Design created a one-of-a-kind accent cabinet that would be