November 17


Quarter-Sawn Oak Millwork Wall Refinishing

By Mark

November 17, 2020

Dallas, Dallas Furniture Refinishing, High-Rise Wood Refinishing, Millwork, TX

A Beautiful View of Down Town Dallas that faded the finish on the oak panel millwork wall. Surfaces Rx restored it. 

You can see the how the sunshine faded the walls and the floor after 60 years of sunsets in this Turtle Creek high-rise condo. Surfaces Rx refinished all the millwork during the units renovation.

Before Millwork Refinishing

During Millwork Refinishing

Dallas Millwork Refinishing by Surfaces Rx

After Millwork Refinishing

Dallas Millwork Before Refinishing

Hallway-Side of Oak Millwork Wall Before Refinishing

Hallway-Side of Oak Millwork Wall Before Refinishing

The owners selected a custom stain color for their woodwork after Surfaces Rx striped off the old finish and stain.

The result was spectacular. The grain pops and you can see the tiger stripe grain that is unique to quarter-sawn oak. The walls look better than they did when they were installed in 1960.

Oak Millwork Panels After Surfaces Rx Refinishing 

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