Water Damage Repair from Dishwasher Leak 

Due to a water leak, the flooring inside of this cabinet was damaged. Surfaces Rx repaired the damage by layering a new wood panel over the damaged fiberboard and then caulking all cracks between boards. Our team sanded the new floor panel and the side panels, stained and sealed the wood before applying a protective topcoat.

BEFORE Surfaces Rx Water Damage Repair
Water Damage Before Repair by Surfaces Rx

Water Damaged Cabinet Before Repair

Water Damaged Cabinet Fllor Before Repair

New Flooring Cabinet Floor

 Floor Panel Overlay

Installing New Flooring Overlay

Surfaces Rx Repair includes Chalking Edges, Sanding, Staining, Sealing, and Top-Coating Wood Floor and Side

New Cabinet Floor - After Surfaces Rx Water Damage Repair

Famricating a New Cabinet Floor Panel Overlay

Water Damage Repaired by Surfaces Rx

Famricating a New Cabinet Floor Panel Overlay


Mark is one of the owners of Surfaces Rx and is driven by a passion and love of wood. His favorite saying is "We Make Wood Look Good


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